Zizi laughing to the camera with a tree in the background


“Past is a waste paper, present is a newspaper, and future is a question paper. Come out of your past, control the present, and secure the future.”

I became very interested and involved with WEvolution’s Self-Reliant Groups when I was doing my 1st year university placement in Whiteinch centre. I have this great love for creativity, gathering people together and sharing cultures in terms of food, dress, dance, and backgrounds. It brings out the best in people, helps them advertise their talents, and also explore ways of improvement.


My Self-Reliant Group gave me an opportunity to see my potential and use reach it by connecting other skilled women and forming a group that brings joy and excitement to the community we live in. I commit to people who form part of who I am, I want everybody to have good reasons to laugh and smile daily. I am pretty curious and that leaves me little or no boundaries.

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