Teruko sitting on a terrace overlooking Glasgow


I had just moved from England to Scotland in May 2019. I was in a new part of the United Kingdom, where I was lost as a person and most of all lost as a woman.

I was volunteering at Belville Community Garden and the manager introduced me to a lovely lady called Pam Shaw. She was the Enterprise Officer at WEvolution.

I was welcomed into WEvolution and got to witness people creating their products and telling their stories. I was keen to form my own SRG but the pandemic hit and it made it impossible for me to meet with people. I did not know anyone or have any connections until WEvolution helped me connect with other SRG members in Sri Lanka for the first international SRG.

The SRG went online with many workshops and it was one of these workshops that got me inspired.  I was shown how to create a purse using scrap leather and it inspired me to create more similar products.

I was already following a Climate Change Fixing Fashion Zoom sewing class since April. I was able to use these skills and create products with the leather.

The SRG helped me to create my own business page and helped me with many workshops to upskill myself to develop my understanding of how to use technology to brand my products. All the help and the advice I got was free to make it as a small-scale entrepreneur.

I am thankful to the wonderful SRG Team for believing in me.

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