Woman laughing sat next to a commercial washing machine


I dreamed a dream and it came true!

I am a devoted mother of three sons. Having worked many jobs to make ends meet, my dream was to one day run a little launderette of my own.

In 2011 I became involved in a Self-Reliant Group. We saved £1 each a week, started a lunch club and went on to do ironing and alterations.

This was all run from our local church.

Through sharing our hopes and dreams, in 2013 my dream came true. Our SRG had saved £5,000 and with these savings and a loan from WEvolution we converted a room in the basement of our local church into my very own little launderette.

I still work as a cleaner and I am a very proud devoted mother to my sons.
Having a little launderette within my community I enjoy every minute of providing a service to my community.

Think big; trust yourself and make it happen!

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