Catherine leaning against the counter of a shop


I started my WEvolution Journey from a place of vulnerability and exhaustion. I knew there was still some “me” in there somewhere but I’d really lost touch with who that was.

I had spent a lot of time focussed on labels: autism, introvert, depressed, stressed, anxious – and through trying to fit into the respective boxes, I lost the one label that really mattered, “me”.  With the key focus of wellbeing and individuality our SRG, Wellbeing Wonders, helped me find the confidence I needed to live the creative life I was truly meant to.  And this has encouraged me to share the journey and help others along in theirs. Now, I’m living a creative life, running the social enterprise ‘WHAT IF’, as well as my own art and design business,

I am Catherine McAtier and through my connection with the women of WEvolution and beyond, sharing our stories and recognising our lives matter, I have found the courage to be me. That has given me so much more than any business plan could and truly reinforced my belief that “there is always another way”.

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