Annie sat on the stepped seating of a bandstand hold a ball of yarn


I was struggling to find new opportunities after a career break and felt like I’d been consigned to the scrapheap just for being middle-aged.

Discovering WEvolution was a real eye-opener as I met all sorts of people who wanted to create, experiment, and try something new and didn’t think that age, background, or gender should be a barrier to that.

I realised that I could build a one-person creative business and still be part of a wider community of people who wanted to share their skills and experience. I had worried that the world of small business would be quite cutthroat so it was refreshing to discover so many people who are focused on sharing and helping each other out. Being in an SRG exchanging regular support and feedback motivates you to set goals and stick with them. I feel more confident and optimistic about what I can achieve.

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