Amanda sat at a table holding a healing crystal


Before I became part of the Self-Reliant Group movement, I did have some plans I was working on. However, when Craft Buddies joined WEvolution and became an SRG, it changed our focus and opened up a lot of opportunities for us as a group. For me personally, it was a chance to learn new skills and grasp opportunities.

Without the micro-finance loan I was able to access through WEvolution, I seriously doubt that someone of my age (40+), with no financial means, would have been able to take my personal business dreams to the next level. The Butterfly Room might still just be a chrysalis without it!

Also, outwith my own SRG there have been life changing connections and experiences too. I have friends in the movement who have become almost family, I’ve been able to visit other SRGs in Manchester, share meditation with them, and visit Leeds and connect with the movement there.

Being part of the movement really has impacted my life so much and I will always be glad I joined

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