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Up to £500
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Grab two or more friends...

(or that person you’ve always wished was a friend) who want some 'me' time, or a little extra courage and accountability to make ‘something’ happen.

Tackling a local cause? Want to be more than a mum? Developing a business idea? Whatever it is, get them in on this!
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Get your first meeting in the diary as soon as possible while the momentum is high!

If you’d like it, we can gate-crash the first 5 mins to get you started.
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Use this guide - The Magic Eight - to help you and your group dive right in.

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Let us know you’ve started! Send us a note and we’ll send you a welcome gift! Remember, groups can access a gift of up to £500 too. Ts & Cs apply.

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You are now a part of a community of people from all over the world

Having doubts about starting? Let us create a group for you.

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