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Self-Reliant Group: A place to make ideas happen.

Here’s the thing: every single one of us has aspirations; to be more, to do more. But life can be ruddy tough and dreams don’t pay bills, so who has time for trying new things, right?

That’s where we come in.

WEvolution enables people to join a Self-Reliant Group (SRG). An SRG is a small collective of people who encourage each other, have accountability and make ideas happen – together or individually. Some people pursue a side-project, some create a product/service and others generate income. No skills/business plans/confidence required, just you.

Meet the faces behind an SRG

Meet Adele from '5 Mummies Make

5 Mummies Make

Meet Trishy




Join or start a group if you always have ideas but rarely make them happen.


We’ll *give you up to £500 to help grow an idea with TrustMoney. Find out more here.


Use your group for accountability so that 'you' can't get in your own way.


Watch your ideas flourish and turn into a new micro-business


Create time for yourself out of being a mum/patient/carer/human ‘giving’ a lot.


Learn about how you can get microfinance to help your business grow even more

The Portal

The Portal is our latest exciting offering. It puts the ability to get started on your SRG journey in your hands. Whether it's some great tips on personal development or getting started on that business idea you have, it's all in here. You can even grab a couple of friends and hit go with our easy 4-step SRG Starter Kit - all in your own cool time!

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